Waterford Green

Posted on August 8, 2007
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My daughter Joanne took me to lunch at the Rodd on my birthday last Friday.

From our table on the deck, we could see all the moms and dads and children and young people strolling on Waterford Green. It is delightful to have such a charming public space on the waterfront. It is a sign that the city truly cares for its citizens that its most beautiful space is reserved and designed for their pleasure.

As we watched, one young mother moved from one side of the boat slip to the other because her toddler daughter had a stone she wanted to throw into the water. She couldn’t throw far enough to hit the water from the other side.

I have a mushy weakness for little girls. My daughter wound me around her little finger in her first five minutes of life.

The little girl toddled ahead at that great rate of knots only toddlers can achieve. She got to the lattice fence along the slip, stepped on the baseboard and hauled herself up so she could see over the top.

She was looking up and across the river toward the bridge and everything on both sides.

“Oh, Mommy!” she exclaimed, “I can see the whole world!”

Well, her perspective on that may evolve as she grows older and taller. She may see more world than she could last Friday.

I doubt she will see anything more beautiful to her soul than young families playing on a lush green lawn by a majestic river called Miramichi.


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