Pat’s Baked Beans

 (Pat Cline’s wonderful recipe)  Ingredients 2 lb. bag White beans (Thompson’s) or Black Eyed or Navy beans ½ Cup molasses 2 tblspbns brown sugar ¼ cup catsup 1 tsp prepared mustard (wet) 1 tblspn white vinegar 1 whole onion Preparation Soak beans overnight – 8 hrs. Bring to boil, drain and rinse Add back water […]

Very Best Fish Burgers

            (Makes Eight)             Michelle and I discovered wonderful fish burgers in the Magdalene Islands. This is my variation on them based on guesswork and personal taste. Ingredients             Three lbs of fresh cod or haddock             One tblspn lemon juice             One tblspn Fine Herbs, Herbes de Provence or any combination of herbs you […]