Romantic death

Posted on February 18, 2009
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The St. Petersburg Times had a story about Fred and Doris Dillon, retired Canadians. Fred died at 102 in a local Pinellas County, Florida, nursing home hospice. His wife, Doris, 92, died the next day. They were both in the same home. Staff had rearranged a room and put their beds side by side. The home’s chaplain said people would stop by at night just to see the two of them holding hands.

Son Michael Dillon, of Fredericton, said the family is comforted to know they were together to the end.         The rest of their very interesting story is available at: .

Miramichiers Red Lachambre, his wife Jean, and Jack Yates and his wife Isabel, each died within a couple of months of their spouses last year.

That happens quite a lot. When it happens after a long and full life together, we salute the couple for their good fortune.

Some wise person said, “Grief is the price we pay for love.”

I think Jean, Isabel, and Florida’s Doris got a bargain at the end. They did not have to pay as long as most.

Here’s to them all!                           DAC


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