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Posted on March 26, 2010
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My late father was, and is, my hero. One of the characteristics that endeared him to me was his marvellous grasp of the obvious. One example was his oft-repeated statement that “It is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick”.

David Foot, is the author of “Boom, Bust And Echo,” a book about the effect of the baby boomers on the economy in each age group they occupy. He is an entertaining speaker. A line he repeats over and over is, “And five years later, surprise! Everyone is five years older!”

I thought of dad and Foot this week when I read an article that said that the percentage of senior citizens who smoke marijuana has doubled and tripled in recent years.

Gee, I guess a lot of old people have finally decided to take up smoking, huh?


Or could it be, surprise! Fifty years later, the 60’s generation is 50 years older!

Some states in the US are considering legislation to legalize marijuana. Do you suppose that is because modern legislators think so very differently from past generations? Or, could it be that their parents, now seniors, thought the same way but knew they would not have the support for legalization or the re-election of anyone proposing it?

Real progress on the issue will have to come from the US. The only reason marijuana is not legal in Canada at present is that the US drug czar threw a fit when Parliament failed to act to create a new ban when Canada’s Supreme Court tossed out the old one.

The czar spewed nonsense about mushrooming violent crime in Holland where it was legal and threatened virtually to seal the Canada-US border.

Think about that for a moment. Theoretically the border is already sealed to drug traffic and, from the US to Canada to gun traffic. How’s that working out?

So, in fact, he was simply threatening to ban legal traffic and trade. Canada, of course, knuckled under.

On we go!                                                      DAC


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