Prayer of thanks

Posted on January 30, 2014
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In the past few days, I have seen horrifying reports of arrests in connection with child pornography rings, human sex trafficking and sexual predators on young women. One sting operation lured 200 men. The police said they could have caught many more if they had enough officers to keep up with the messages.

I am not a religious man but I thought of a feeling I had when Allan Legere was on his rampage in Miramichi in the late 1980s and earlier.

That feeling was codified for me in an episode of “West Wing”. Toby told of two Jews in an extermination camp. One sees the other praying and asks him what he was praying about.

The other says that he is offering his prayer of thanks. The first asks him what he can possibly be thankful for at such a time in such a place.

The other replies, “I thank God for not making me like them”.

I have that same feeling whenever I learn of new massacres, abuses and perversions visited upon children, women and the powerless around the world. I don’t feel superior. I feel fortunate.

While I had and have no regret whatsoever about eliminating Allan Leger and others like him from society forever and would not feel bad to learn of his death, I actually feel sorry for him that he is like that.

Imagine what it must be like to live in the mind of someone who is eager, willing and able to abuse, torture, maim and kill others.

It is such a blessing not to have such feelings and urges.

I know so many people who get their greatest enjoyment giving joy to others and working to make life better for everyone. They are a constant joy and inspiration to me and I know their philosophy and actions make living in their minds a truly joyful existence.

At the risk of jinxing my birthday, wishbone and New Year’s wishes and resolutions, my wish and hope always is to be a better person.

On we go! DAC


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