Annie is four

Posted on April 12, 2014
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April 10, 2014

She continues to amaze us all with her loving, cheerful, enthusiastic, eager, determined, musical, richly imaginative, intelligent charming personality. Her default mode is to get outside.When she enters a home, the energy level picks up like the sun rising. When she leaves, it feels quieter, darker and emptier.

She has been the focus of so much attention from a large circle of extended family and friends her entire life that she obviously feels a responsibility to be entertaining whenever people are around. Her latest thing is knock knock jokes. I’ve been saying since she was born that she has had so many cameras pointed at her that she must think they are members of the family. She is so used to it she automatically poses like a star on the red carpet.

She very much relishes quiet times with her mother and father, cuddling on the couch and watching TV. They do too and so do her Nana and Supa.

She is also perfectly capable of going off into her own world with her stuffed animals and creating stories and adventures in those worlds. In one of them, she is an investigator exploring new vistas like the basement of her house which is in a state of change as it is gradually being finished.

She has a large vocabulary and speaks exceptionally well. She has begun to use language in her own way. When something really touched her this year, she said, “That makes my heart wiggle”. That expression spread like wildfire through her extended family.

She still has five great grand parents she knows, sees regularly and will, I am confident remember. In turn, she continues to add high definition vivid colour to the elders in the family. We look to the future more than we did. Our imaginations go kaleidoscope visualizing all the possibilities she may realize. Of one thing we are sure. She will be a renaissance woman. Prime minister and musical superstar at the same time while painting masterpieces in her spare time? Olympic sailing medallist in the summer games and hockey star in the winter games? Why not?

She makes us need to be more engaged again in making the world a better place for her.

We all seem to feel that a brother or sister would be blessing. She needs someone to share the job of entertaining her huge audience. She also needs to have someone to share the limelight and teach her she will not always be the only sun in the world.

She is very feminine and it is obvious she richly enjoys being a girl. I give credit to the brave feminists who have gone before for the fact that she has never had a hint that there is anything boys can do that women cannot. She fully expects to be captain of her ship and is encouraged in that belief. She lives in a world of books, travel, seashores, woods camps, sail boats, hunting, skating, snowmobiling, throwing balls, princesses and science. This year her grandpa McKendrick salvaged a large tree house which now sits in her back yard not far from the rink he makes every winter.

As I learned from my mother, an ardent early feminist, there is no conflict between feminism and being feminine. She is going to be wildly attractive to the right kind of intelligent, confident, considerate man. She will not be controlled by anyone.

Since Christmas, she has taken another growth spurt. She has always been strong and likes to roll her shoulders as she walks sometimes which makes her look husky and forceful. Then she shoots up another inch or two and suddenly looks all grown up and feminine the way little girls can.

We know she will have to learn about cruelty and hurt and loss although we dread that, but we know she has the strength of character to handle it and enough love in her life to overbalance it.

Her fourth year, like the other three have seen huge changes in her that are, for us, exciting and sad. She is growing up so fast. We loved the girl she was so much that we really miss her at the same time we are intoxicated by the girl she is.

Her Puppy’s 81st birthday was a week before her fourth. Nothing could have made Bud happier than her sitting in his lap, hugging him. Her thing with him is Tim Bits. During one of the winter’s storms, their usual stop to get them had run out. She immediately directed him to the next closest Tim’s.

Pat and Bud are obviously ecstatic seeing her, as we all do, as a type of immortality. Seeing her, they have to know they did their job brilliantly.

A game she and I have been playing for over two years now is that I pretend to be the Feather Fingered Tickle Monster who wants to eat her toe toes. She runs and screams and hides but eventually lets me grab them and growl and gnaw away at them while she laughs. I have, of course, wondered when the game would become boring and seem childish or foolish to her.

When we Skyped the night before her birthday, she began to duck down out of sight and then pop her head up in different places on the screen. After she did that about five times, she ducked down and then, after a few seconds, her toes slid up into view on the screen.I’m not sure if she still enjoys the game or is just humouring me but either way it shows we still have a thing that is just ours. Nathan says she doesn’t let anyone else do it.

You can imagine how that made her Supa’s heart wiggle. Supa loves Annie!

On we go! DAC



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