The purpose of this site is to share opinions and information about local (Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada) and current affairs, travel, food, literature and whatever else strikes my scattered, unfocused mind.


   The items are divided into sections called categories, like the different sections of a newspaper. As an item is posted, it is automatically placed at the top of the opening page but also filed under the category it is assigned to.

   To find a type of item, for example a recipe, simply scroll down the centre column of the main page until you come to the “Food & Beverage” category. Click on it to items posted to that section. Subsections of categories, for example the”Soup” section of “Food & Beverage” have their own headings under Categories but are also cross referenced to “Food & Beverage.”


   The Blogroll is simply a term for a list of links to web sites I think you might find interesting or useful.


   There is a message box at the bottom of each item where you can post comments. Your comments will not appear immediately. I review each one to try to avoid defamation and to edit out gratuitous insults directed at others. This is not to censor disagreement or criticism but to ensure comment is about ideas. Insults, like a bully’s schoolyard assault, will attract a crowd but are not useful in helping people make up or change their minds.


   Under Blogroll, there is a heading “Forums.” Feel free to go there to begin a discussion of a topic you think would be relevant to the site and its audience.