Russians huge eaters

(2002 update of 1972 article) Many Canadians got the impression from fans returning from Moscow that Russian food is terrible. This is not true. It is certainly different, it gave Canadian digestive systems quite a shock and we soon began to pine for what we were used to. I think the same thing would apply […]

The Russia Hotel holds 6,000 people

(2002 update of 1972 article) We flew to Moscow from Montreal stopping to refuel at Copenhagen in Denmark. We met Bob Kenney, a Fredericton lawyer, and his wife, Joan. The former Joan Keenan of Woodstock. Our flight was called the “Fox” flight a code name that identified us throughout the trip. Fox flight carried mostly […]

Gorgeous guide Tanya foretold the future of Russia

(2002 update of 1972 article) Scenes So many scenes from the 1972 trip to the Canada, Russia hockey series are seared into my memory. Phil Esposito was the heart, soul and leader of the team. His speech in Vancouver and his pratfall during the introductions before game five are well known. His drive, passion and […]

The ball at the end of the fairy tale

(2002 update of 1972 article) In the first moments after the referee plucked Henderson’s miracle goal out of the net and skated back to center, the reaction in the stands was indescribable. It was of course, not possible. Canada had not scored more than four goals in any of the previous games against the Russians. […]

Women’s hockey reaction hilarious

From time to time, people who know us, press our buttons to watch us go nuclear. If we are lucky, we sometimes are able to learn to see it coming and have a good laugh instead of exploding. I have decided to treat the reaction to the Canadian Women’s Hockey gold medal celebration as the […]

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