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Posted on July 24, 2007
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1) Economics:

Money is the only thing that flows uphill.

If we put money in the hands of the people at the bottom end of the economic scale, they must quickly spend it to live. It flows up to merchants and continues, swiftly, to those at the top of the economic scale. It seems to me that, taking money off the top and shoving it in again at the bottom, accelerates the economy, making the people at the top ever richer.

In my opinion, therefore, governments should concentrate their efforts on programs to put money, programs and services, in as close to the bottom as practical. Spend on ever better access to shelter, food, education, health, mass transit and the like.

As we raise the level of the floor, I think we will raise the level of the ceiling too.

2) Politics:

Unless we are all safe, none of us is safe

When a small percentage of the population has a huge share of the wealth, as is especially apparent in some third world countries, no one is safe.

The poor are subject to every kind of abuse from starvation to torture.

The rich are vulnerable to the desperate poor. How safe, free, rich, can you be when the starving poor outside the walls of your fortified estate will kill you for your watch and kidnap your children? Conclusion: Doing the right thing is not only moral but also in our own very best interests.

On a lighter note . . . .

Like many people, I like to describe myself as socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Then I saw a cartoon from the “New Yorker,” showing two women talking about relationships over lunch – as universal as the rising of the sun.

One is saying, “He says he is socially liberal and fiscally conservative but I learned that means he sleeps around and he’s cheap.”


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