The Enabler

Once a week, I get a phrase from this fellow in the UK who seems to have access to and the ability to search somehow every document ever published in any language that uses our alphabet at least. I wonder why I enjoy it so much? Knowing that “favour” in the phrase “to curry favour” […]

Another summer visitor

My sister and her husband from British Columbia were visiting on August 6 when this guy dropped by to help make them welcome. Click on the picture once to enlarge and again to enlarge again.

Waterford Green

My daughter Joanne took me to lunch at the Rodd on my birthday last Friday. From our table on the deck, we could see all the moms and dads and children and young people strolling on Waterford Green. It is delightful to have such a charming public space on the waterfront. It is a sign […]

Sautéed Eggplant with Tomato & Garlic

Side dish, Appetizers, Turkish (Surprisingly delicious!) Yield: 4 servings 1 Eggplant Salt Extra virgin olive oil 10 oz Can tomatoes with liquid 1 Chopped tomato 1 tbs. Tomato paste 2 tbs. Water 2 tsp. Mashed garlic 2 tsp. Vinegar 4 lettuce leaves Cut stem off eggplant. Remove strips of skin with a vegetable peeler. Cut […]

“I thought he was just a citizen” an excuse for assault?

In June of 2006, Charles LeBlanc, an ADHD (Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder) blogger was taking pictures of a demonstration. Business leaders were meeting in Saint John to discuss the concept of Atlantica, an Atlantic region free trade alliance. Apparently police thought he was part of the protest. Although he was doing nothing but taking pictures, […]

Freedom of the press is not a pretty thing

In the immortal words of the Wizard of Id cartoon king, “Freedom of the press is not a pretty thing.” Miramichi Mayor, John McKay, and the “Miramichi Leader” got into a squabble last week over comments made by a Leader columnist, Dan Benoit, about council not sponsoring fireworks for Canada Day. McKay, speaking at a […]

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