A lonely, somewhat dirty, old actor, Peter O’Toole, meets a lost, cynical and crude, young woman and somehow they both benefit from the experience. Great soundtrack — all Corinne Bailey Rae.

Snow Cake

One of those movies with no small roles. Every character is memorable and you can empathize with all of them to some extent. It will make you think about some of the ways we tend to look at life.

Away From Her

Alice Munro story, Gordon Pinsent, Julie Christie, Olympia Dukakis, and fine direction by Sarah Polley, creates the kind of movie you would hope to get from such talent. Some of it is, or will be, about you and your family.

Inspirational examples

        Leicester and Nottingham Forest were engaged in a League Cup football match. Nottingham Forest took an early one-goal lead. Then a Nottingham Forest player collapsed with a heart attack. As a result, the game was cancelled. He survived, by the way.           When the teams met to play again, The Leicester team gave the Nottingham Forest […]

Project Earth part of problem

            In the daily papers last week was a supplement for “Project Earth – Partners in Time.”                                                     It’s about conservation, recycling, pollution treatment and environmental  projects generally.             Ironically, the supplement itself is an example of waste. Each and every article is printed in both French and English roughly doubling the size of the […]

Miramichi Nighthawks International

           Many, many years ago, my father, a morning person, called at seven a.m. on a Saturday to tell me a great idea he had had for a story I could do in the paper.           I had just got in at five. He insisted that it was a wonderful day and I should be […]

Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival among the best run anywhere

            My children buy me an ultimate pass to the Fredericton Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, which takes place the second week of September each year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            It started off well 17 years ago and has steadily evolved into an event so well run it has to compare favourably with any festival anywhere.             The first […]

Fictional Sergeant Klell Hazard

In the Movie “Gardens of Stone,” James Caan plays Clell Hazard, a Vietnam war era, burial detail sergeant at Arlington Cemetery. His standard toast when drinking with friends is, “Here’s to us! And those like us! Damn few of us left!”

Frank Sinatra

Here’s to the confusion of our enemies! – Frank Sinatra

Metepenagiag Heritage Park project an amazing triumph for community

Metepenagiag Heritage Park is an amazing triumph for the Mi’kmaq community also known as Red Bank. It is owned and operated by an independent community corporation, Metepenagiag Heritage Park Inc. Every element of the message it presents is the consensus of the community and its elders. It goes far beyond being the significant tourist attraction […]

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