Roger Simon paintings commemorate ancient Metepenagiag

Posted on September 17, 2007
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Winter WigwamSturgeonroger-simon-encampment.jpgroger-simon-winter-travel.jpgroger-simon-picture-2.jpg                                                 

Roger Simon painting photos copyright Metepenagiag Heritage Park Inc., Estate of Roger Simon

           The late Roger Simon, of Big Cove, was commissioned, in 1994, to do six paintings of ancient Metepenagiag. At the time, there was a grant program “Access to Archaeology,” through Heritage Canada. Councilor Anthony Haddad and archaeologist, Patricia Allen, co-ordinated the project.

            Born in Big Cove, New Brunswick, Roger attended George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario, from 1974-1977 and the New Brunswick Craft School from 1981-1983.

            His work has been exhibited throughout New Brunswick: Landmark Gallery, St. Thomas University, The Playhouse, Kouchibouguac National Park, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Gallery Connexion, Monsignor Boyd Centre, Maison des Arts, and Université de Moncton. Roger’s work has also appeared at the Dalhousie University Art Centre, Doomsday Studio and Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia; and the University of Saskatchewan, Regina. His murals are at the Big Cove and St. Mary’s Band Offices, the Micmac/Maliseet Institute and the Miramichi Hospital, and the Dept. of Indian and Northern Affairs, Toronto, Ontario.

            Roger’s paintings have appeared in many publications and as a background in a Disney film. Examples of his work are in the Canada Council Art Bank, the Micmac/Maliseet Institute, Canadian Embassy, Moscow, Russia, and the Government of Canada’s National Indian Art Collection.


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