New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Posted on October 11, 2007
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            New Orleans is one of my favourite places on earth.

            Jazz & Heritage Festival – – is the best time to go for music. It is held on the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May every year. The weather is hot but tolerable then. The music! The food! The art! The history!

            It’s worth it to stay in the French Quarter for safety and to be within easy walking distance of all your favourite places day and night. We stay at the St. Louis – , or the Marie Antoinette – They’re sister hotels.

            Have a great pastry and coffee breakfast at Cafe Madeleine on the right hand corner of Jackson Square as you face the church. Have an Italian muffaletta sandwich lunch at Central Grocery on Decatur. You’ll never foret it.

            Visit the galleries and antique shops on Royal Street. Looking for an emerald estate bracelet in the $250,000 range? No problem. Perhaps a Chagall or a Piccasso? No problem. Perhaps a nice two-storey crystal chandelier in the $175,000 range? No problem. You won’t be intimidated. Royal Street shops treat you the same in jeans, T shirt, ball cap and fest sunscreen as in a suit.

            Check out the Dirty Dozen Brass Band – – and the New Orleans Nightcrawlers – – two of the long line of classic jazz funeral bands. I dare you to try to stand or sit still while they’re playing.

            The magic of New Orleans is from all of the cultures that crashed into each other there and created exciting new art, music, cuisine, and style that is different from but familiar and attractive to people from all over the world.



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