Opportunity hammering at the door

Posted on October 31, 2007
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            There was a time when there was no opportunity for immigrants here because there were no employment opportunities for the people already here.

            Now our population is in decline and many of our young people, experienced trades people, and even young retired folk are  flowing West. Opportunities to really get ahead, establish a grubstake or just fatten up pensions and standards of living have never been more plentiful.

            At the same time, there are tremendous opportunities for services here. Most trades people are very busy and can’t find enough good help.

            I’m trying to find someone to tell me why my wood burning inserts dampers don’t seem to be damping much. I heard from someone else who is trying to get the same guy that he has such a backlog of work he can’t even find time to reply to his phone messages.

            New opportunities abound.

            Two young men I know have good jobs and all the extra work they want. One specializes in advising on and setting up computer programs. He is a programmer by day but is also an encyclopedia of off-the-shelf programs for everything from web cam security to setting up and maintaining a blog and web site like this one.

            The other is an information technician in a government network by day but makes house calls at night. He makes programs and computers work when they don’t want to get along with each other.

            The two functions overlap a bit but not much.

            People who know about these guys are a bit reluctant to share their names. We’re afraid they’ll get so busy we won’t be able to get them anymore.

            With digital cameras, personal digital assistants, iPods, mp3 players, picture phones, and all the related programs, there are opportunities for locals or immigrants to develop service businesses that could keep them busy.

            The term “wireless” to describe our networks of computers and peripherals is a joke akin to “Your call is important to us.”

            With satellite and cable and sling boxes and web cams and security systems, the entertainment area of the home gets tied in. How many of us can set up a high definition satellite dish to a hi def  TV to a PVR linked to two TV’s in different rooms and a surround sound system with DVD player and perhaps a VCR, DVD combo?

            Your old satellite receiver is still good for bringing your satellite or cable music stations in to your stereo set so how about a section in the Yellow Pages for “Home entertainment system service”?

            Politicians and bureaucrats worry about the cost of services to an aging population.

            One solution is to encourage the development of services for the seniors while they have all the toys and disposable income but don’t want to take the time to even try to learn how to support it all.

            Donald Sutherland played the magnificent goofy tank commander, Oddball, in the movie “Kelly’s Heroes.”

            Asked why he wasn’t helping fix his tank when it broke down, he replied “I just drive ‘em man. I don’t know what makes ‘em go!”

            I don’t think we need to worry about our young people or immigrants not being able to find work here anymore.         



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