Miramichi Men Are the Tough Ones

            TV coverage of airport havoc during a snowstorm early this week seemed to feature mostly Atlantic Provinces people trying to get home at Christmas. That’s logical given the number of them fanned out all over the world to earn a living.             There will be more after UPM Kymmene’s announcement this week. The fine […]

The wit of Mayor McKay

            There’s a bit of shtick I love and used a lot.             It goes like this.             You are going to ask me two questions.             The first question is “What do you do for a living?”             When I answer that question, you are going to ask me the second question: “What is […]

Well, that settles that!

            My son in law was talking to an acquaintance about the cold weather we’ve been having.             “Haven’t seen a mosquito all day!” he said.             “Neither have I!” said his friend, “And I’m from upriver!”             That pretty well settles that, then, doesn’t it? And that settles that           “Immigrants don’t like Port […]

Fatherhood tragedies, triumphs

            Fatherhood is a wonderful, scary, privilege. My first child, my daughter, immediately transformed me. I had to be responsible and competent to protect this unbelievable treasure. By the time my son became a teenager, I was, and remain, absolutely convinced that he is a better man than I will ever be. He is as […]

No justice for Latimer

           Robert Latimer was refused day parole this week after seven years in prison. Latimer killed his 12-year-old daughter Tracy with carbon monoxide gas in his truck.             Tracy had cerebral palsy, was severely mentally handicapped and suffered horribly from constant cramps so strong they sometimes broke her feeble bones. Doctors had proposed amputating her […]

Random Raves

Damned selfish of her             I’m a volunteer driver for Meals On Wheels. I’ve been doing it for about 25 years now. So many Miramichiers volunteer that I only drive once every 28 days. Like many others, I thought I was doing it for them when I began. I soon realized I’m the main beneficiary. […]

Random curmudgeonry

            I’m in a grouchy mood. Some of it is about things people are grouchy about. Celine, Ben & Fruitcake             Chickens will surround and peck to death one of their wounded or diseased. Why is it that so many of our species seem eager to emulate chickens?             Currently Ben Affleck and Celine Dion […]

“La Vie En Rose” aka “La Môme”

            This is a must-see movie about Edith Piaf. Anyone who has ever been touched by the music of “La Môme,” the little sparrow, Billie Holliday or any of the great soul and blues singers in history will appreciate the cost of their art as shown in this film.             It surely isn’t pretty but […]