Two rights make a WOW!

            The Miramichi Regional Hospital Foundation held its annual gala Saturday night. The Rodd Miramichi Inn manager, Jim Gertridge, gave its annual donation of $5,000 which is very, very generous. The Highland Society donated $10,000 which is also amazing.            The gala also honoured the memory of Jack Estey who was a constant supporter, personally and […]

Pathetic Chatelaine statistics

            “Chatelaine” magazine’s February issue contains the results of their first sex survey ever. Almost 4,000 women responded. 53% of them said they want more sex. 5% have at least tried group sex. 20% of them have enjoyed a purely sexual relationship. 69% would rather spend the day at a nude beach than have a […]

Surprise for Frank McKenna

            On Saturday, January 19, Frank McKenna celebrated his 60th birthday.             His wife and children and Frank’s long-time, top general, Ruth McRea, organized a surprise party for him on Bay Street in Toronto. The party took place in what used to be the Toronto Stock Exchange before it went electronic. It is now known […]

Oyster Po’ Boy Sandwiches

Shuck oysters (at least a half dozen per sandwich) Save or reduce oyster liquor for flavour. I render it down with butter to a brown sauce consistency and pour it on sandwich contents. Fill a pot with a couple of inches of vegetable oil Dredge oysters in corn meal, seasoned to taste with garlic powder […]

A nest of nightmares

            The highway accident that claimed the lives of seven high school basketball players and a teacher returning to Bathurst Friday night is a nest of nightmares. The driver, his daughter and two players survived when the team van went out of control on the icy highway and slammed into an oncoming truck.             Every […]

More corporate nonsense

            Is it the grumpy season? More little irritations seem to keep cropping up the past few weeks. Here are three of the most recent.             A call to a member of the staff at the bank triggered a central intercept apparently designed to prevent local, personal service wherever possible. It is especially irritating when […]

Stupid lies irritate customers

            Do you have any kind of phobia about being played for a fool?             Do you like plastic if it is obviously plastic and doing a plastic job?             Do you hate it if it is pretending to be wood and displaying a wood grain pattern?             I seem to have that idiosyncrasy to […]

First class and dizzy football

            In the final game of the New England Patriot’s perfect regular season, the New York Giants did not have a dog in the hunt. New York’s playoff position was already settled.             From a strategic point of view, they had nothing to gain or lose from taking it easy and resting some of their […]

Finally, our money’s worth!

            Well, we finally got our money’s worth with the latest snowstorm in Miramichi. On Wednesday morning, we woke up to a dandy blizzard.             Enabled by a tiny electric snow blower and an SUV, Michelle and I were able to get out to pick some work from her office and a few treats for […]