On the road – random raves

Posted on February 8, 2008
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On the road – random raves

          Michelle and I are on the road. We’re spending six weeks in New Zealand.

          We are wrestling with internet access, making travel plans on the fly and finding our way in a new country.

          One of the first things we had to do is get adjusted to the time difference. It is 17 hours in the future here. Seven p.m., Atlantic time, for example, is noon the following day here. That is, of course, tremendously significant when the Superbowl is played at noon on Monday.

          I watched in a waterfront bar, O’Doolan’s, with a Kiwi, a Swedish sports medicine student specializing in sailing, a Scot, an Englishman, and a Welshman. For the first time in my life, I was the expert explaining how a defender not getting off the field before the snap could turn a fourth down punt situation into first and 10.

          NFL football was as mystifying to them as cricket is to me. News here is full of reports on matches between England and New Zealand. They are delivered in breathless jargon and I have no idea what they are talking about.

          With regard to the outcome of the game, I was disappointed the Pats didn’t win and have their perfect season.

          However, the Giants were the classy team that played all out in a nothing game to make the Pats earn their perfect regular season. One mistake, an interception Eli Manning threw to Rodney Harrison, was the climactic event of that game.

          Similarly, one mistake, letting Manning escape a sack and complete a miracle pass to Plaxico Burress, was the climactic event of the Superbowl.

          The Pats had several miracles go their way during the season. They came up one short.

          The Giants are deserving champions. They didn’t wear out in the fourth quarter as most of the Pats’ serious challengers had throughout the season.

          Any father cannot help but be thrilled for Archie Manning. Who could imagine having one son lead his team to the Superbowl championship one year and another the next? In  a novel, such a thing would draw nothing but snickers and guffaws from the critics.

If I were home . . .

          Engineers’ games are really fun. Locally, our local regional engineering association built the trebuchet that lobs pumpkins into the river.

          In Grand Falls this month, the engineers are sponsoring an igloo building contest and attempting to build a world record one themselves.

          Haven’t you always wanted to build an igloo?

          I have.

Sex at Vimy

          According to news reports, exhibitionists in Europe have taken to making videos of themselves having sex at famous places. The Vimy memorial in France is among the popular places to make such videos.

          Canadian officials and others have expressed outrage at the idea.

          I can’t reach any actual vets I know to find out how they feel about. Even they cannot know for sure how the dead Vimy commemorates would feel about it.

          My own feeling is that making love is among the main things lost when warriors make what we call “the ultimate sacrifice.” Making love is one of the ultimate expressions of life and love and lusty health.

          It is almost the opposite of death.

          Although we don’t often talk about it, death often inspires arousal in survivors. Death reminds us just how wonderful and precious life is.

          When I die, I don’t want a tombstone in a grave yard. Part of the reason for that is that I would like to have my remains put to whatever use they might be.

          Mainly, though, it is because I would prefer to be classified by a granite bench, on the seashore somewhere, where lovers would come to make out.

          I’m not at all sure we should consider love making at Vimy a desecration. We could choose to consider it the most vivid demonstration of what those unfortunate young men sacrificed for us.

          The worst insult to those who gave us the wonderful opportunities we have had would be not to live life to the fullest. They so much would have loved to have that chance for one more year, one more month, one more day.



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