Surprises and aliens

Posted on May 26, 2008
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            After being away for 12 weeks over the past four months, it is good to be home for a while.

            After voting in the advance poll, I was out of the province during the municipal elections.

            Arriving home, I find the general reaction to be the same as my own. We are a bit surprised and pleased with ourselves to find we collectively elected a council that may be half sensible.

            That does not mean we think they will or that we want them to all think alike. That is the worst type of government for the people.

            We do think they may have our interests at heart and not be driven by strange personal agendas or parochial prejudices.

            We do think they appear to be people who can listen as well as talk and may combine their ideas for better solutions and results.

            Many of us like the fact that we elected a Francophone, bilingual mayor. That should make it obvious to our neighbours that we are not the gang of rednecks we sometimes appeared to be.

Crisis after crisis

            The history of the Miramichi is just one damn crisis after another. Our new council comes to office as our traditional economy is a shipwreck.

            Most of our challenges are not municipal issues. Still council will need imagination, vision and courage to encourage and support developments that fit the future. Trying to return to the past is not an option although it is tempting to tell voters it is.

            A prime example on a larger scene was the call by US presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and John McCain, to give Americans a gasoline tax holiday for the summer. Anyone with a hint of a clue knows that would be pouring gasoline on the flames of the problem. Sadly but truly the solution to high gasoline prices is high gasoline prices. It is high prices that will lead to the innovation needed to escape our oil addiction.

            Barack Obama, the odds on winner of the Democratic party nomination, showed true leadership by not saying the easy and popular thing but the right thing.

            Our city council could provide some similar proper leadership by looking for a waste transfer station within the city limits. The cost and waste of simply hauling all of our waste to Red Pine is getting more ridiculous by the day.

            I realize waste management is the responsibility of the Northumberland Solid Waste Commission but its board would ecstatically welcome an offer of a site.

            Let us hope our new council lives up to our hopes. For one thing, that will make more good candidates in future willing to offer and serve.

Aliens are among us!

            This generation of kids are no good. Everyone knows that. In fact, everyone has known it since it was first mentioned some 6,000 years ago.

            It is just as true now as it was then.

            This generation are a bunch of shallow slackers modeling themselves after Paris Hilton and who are slaves to Facebook and computer games with computer generated special effects.

            They pay no attention to teachers and suffer no consequences.

            Knowing that, we must surely conclude it is aliens from other worlds who put on shows like “Seussical The Musical” at James M Hill this past week.

            Surely there is no way our own youth could have put on such a mind-blowing extravaganza. Slackers could not, would not, possibly put in the hours and effort necessary to turn the local stage into a whirling kaleidoscope of song, dance, colour and inspiration.

            Most of the problems with hopeless kids, of course, are teachers just going through the motion for their summer vacations and pensions and parents who set no good examples.

            Director David Gopee doesn’t even look Irish and those costumes could never have been brought to reality by local volunteers.

            Unless, of course, the slander we hear about kids, teachers and parents is just careless babble.

            In fact, the local drama scene is like the National Hockey League. It is a chapter in a long, exciting history that just keeps getting better.

            There were parents, grandparents and great grandparents in the audience who once performed on the local stages.

            They know the deep emotions, joy and grief this year’s kids felt as they ended a co-operative triumph.

            The triumph is repeated throughout the community. Eel Ground school continues to rack up provincial and national awards for their important productions.

            Seeing the brilliance and energy of this generation, one is reassured that Miramichiers will find a way to keep the community alive and moving into the future.





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