Very Best Fish Burgers

Posted on July 13, 2008
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            (Makes Eight)

            Michelle and I discovered wonderful fish burgers in the Magdalene Islands. This is my variation on them based on guesswork and personal taste.


            Three lbs of fresh cod or haddock

            One tblspn lemon juice

            One tblspn Fine Herbs, Herbes de Provence or any combination of herbs you like with seafood.

            Quarter cup of fresh parsley

            Tartar sauce, Wasabi mustard, and, or, a mix of mayonnaise and Dijon mustard for condiment.

            Tabasco sauce

            Lettuce or your choice of green

            Mild onion and tomato if desired

            8 Ciabatta bread rolls or Hamburger buns


            Chunk up the fish with a knife or with a quick shot in the blender.

            Fold in herbs, spices, and lemon juice and a couple of shots of Tabasco sauce.

            Mold into 8 patties.

            Fry or barbecue. There isn’t much point in barbecuing since there is no fat to smoke up for flavour.

            Toast the burger buns or Ciabatta rolls.

            Assemble the burgers with lettuce and, if you like, very thin slices of mild onion and tomato.

            Flavour with the tartar sauce, Wasabi mustard or Dijon-mayonnaise and a dot or two of Tabasco sauce to taste.


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