Jocks in high school

            There is controversy this year about new rules for New Brunswick students participating in extra curricular sports. Provincial policies were re-written after last years winter highway accident that killed seven students and a teacher.             The policy that is causing the uproar is that students will no longer be excused from classes to go […]

Canada’s constitutional crisis?

             Watching Canada’s so-called constitutional crisis from the United States is fun. To qualify my position, I am a passionate believer in Canada’s first-past-the-post Parliamentary system. That includes the Senate, which, I believe, does a fine job of providing sober second thought.             Will a possible Liberal, NDP, coalition be a constitutional crisis? Why would […]

Turtles and Tozer beneficiaries?

            The last time I was in Gulfport, Florida, there were turtles in the little pond I walked by every morning. I haven’t seen any this year. There is a sign on the pond warning me not to molest or feed the alligator. I thought alligators perhaps ate the turtles.             It turns out Floridians […]

Sexy, sultry, Savannah

            Savannah, Georgia, strikes me as the epitome of the image of the South as a steaming cauldron of romantic, sexy, intrigue. New Orleans is the city of uninhibited, in-your-face raunch where midwestern college girls expose their breasts for beads. Savannah is the city of the veiled invitation, lazy ceiling fans and genteel discretion.             It […]

US election night in the deep south

            On our drive to Florida, we spent the night of November 4 in Charleston, South Carolina. Again, dark rainy weather spoiled the bridge view of the significant harbour and discouraged a proper visit.             On the other hand, we were eager to get to a TV and watch the results of the US presidential election. […]

Dark Drive to Florida

             Michelle and I set out very early Saturday morning, November 1, with plans to stop in Woodstock for brunch at Bragdon’s with son Colin and the Wilsons. A party broke out at brunch and we did not leave Woodstock until after breakfast at Wilson’s Sunday.             We made the obligatory liquor stop in New […]