Letter to Westjet president

            The following letter explains why my son Nathan got one Christmas present this year with a card that read “from David and from the lovely Raziel S. Garcia.”             It also self-explains why I could not post the letter to this site before Christmas.   December 15, 2008   Sean Durfy President and CEO […]

Politics, weather – sublime, ridiculous

            These times are, like the Chinese curse, interesting. A couple of new and historic events have dominated the news.             One is the proroguation of Parliament granted by the Governor General to Stephen Harper’s Conservative minority.             I didn’t know a failed minority government in a Parliamentary system could have a do-over.             I […]

Rookie snowbird observations

            Here are some observations of a first time snowbird from Miramichi in Gulfport, Florida.             For one thing, taking a scenic route that included coastal highways from Maryland south, it is 2,100 miles, 3,400 kilometres from Miramichi to Gulfport. Gulport is a town attached to the southern edge of Tampa.             For the first […]

We cannot do “Peace on Earth”?

            The past two weeks have been traumatic ones for the world and Canada.             The vicious terrorist attack in Mumbai, India, demonstrates, once again, how deadly religion can be. The words of kind-hearted prophets are easily perverted to justify mass murder.             In Mumbai, the targets were Hindu, North American and Jewish. Muslim Pakistan […]