Money flows uphill

There is a school of political and economic thought called the “trickle down theory”. The idea is that it is good to have many rich people getting richer. When they invest and spend their wealth, the money trickles down to the people at the bottom of the economic scale. In fact, I agree with that […]

Unless we are all safe . . .

Unless we are all safe, none of us is safe. Many situations demonstrate the truth of this idea. In societies where 90% of the wealth is held by 10% of the people, the 10% dare not leave their barricaded homes without bodyguards. The poor and desperate will kidnap and, or, kill them for ransom or […]

Keep the Monarchy

Prince Charles and his new wife, Camilla, toured Canada over the past week. Charles took part in the national Remembrance Day services in Ottawa. He wore a Canadian forces uniform. So did the Queen’s representative in Canada, Governor General Mihaelle Jean. During the royal visit, there were some protests of Canada continuing to keep the […]

Reunion, Remembrance, 2000

Her voice was a motor of cigarettes, coffee and draft, Kind, and with all the weary authority of death. Her laugh was an explosion of bawdy glee, Gusting across an ash tray Armageddon Smudging the beer rings recording the rounds On ghost-bleached Formica at the Legion hall. She said good bye to her first soldier […]

Remember and grieve

Most of us know too many couples who have lost a child. We all notice that their aura dims. Our minds refuse to think about what losing a child would be like. At the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, most of us pause to honour, remember, and grieve the deaths […]