Peace, good will, best investment

I have been engaged in a vigorous exchange of views with an American, Walker Chandler, of Georgia, who calls himself a Libertarian. He says that Libertarianism is, essentially, the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. He believes mankind, left to its own choices, will engage in a type […]

Decency pays huge dividends

Someone once wrote that a person who is honest because he believes honesty is the best policy is no more pious than is a thief. If so, I sit on the same bench as the thief. I believe that honesty and facing up to the music when you screw up is, in the long run, […]

Tiger got it both ways

People and serious media are engaging in debate and self-examination regarding all the hype about Tiger Woods’s fall from grace. Woods has admitted to infidelities and is in deep trouble with his wife and his sponsors. Many people and many serious reporters feel that Tiger and his family ought to be left to sort out […]

A simple stimulus plan

The Canadian government operates an income program that is so simple and efficient I think even I can explain it. It is the Old Age Security plan. Also known as the old age pension, OAS is paid to every Canadian citizen who has spent his or her adult life here. We do not make direct […]

Tragic anniversary special in Miramichi

The massacre of 14 women at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, 20 years ago on December 6, 1989, had an especially horrifying effect on the Miramichi. For Miramichiers, already in shock, it was one more of a rapid sequence of three disgusting, heartbreaking, reminders of violence against women. Within a period of three weeks, Allan […]

Surprise infection in capitalism

A couple of odd worms have infected capitalism as it is today. These worms are responsible for the explosive growth of huge industries and congomerates. They are also the drug that drives these firms to desperate, sometimes fatal, decisions. You may be surprised to learn that the parent worm is quite possibly you. If you […]