Women’s hockey reaction hilarious

Posted on February 27, 2010
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From time to time, people who know us, press our buttons to watch us go nuclear. If we are lucky, we sometimes are able to learn to see it coming and have a good laugh instead of exploding.

I have decided to treat the reaction to the Canadian Women’s Hockey gold medal celebration as the funniest thing of these Olympics.

After the crowd had left the rink, some of the women went back out onto the ice with beer, Champagne and cigars and celebrated on the ice for awhile. One of them was Marie Philip Poulin, the 18-year-old, whose Billy-the-kid gunslinger shots scored both Canada’s goals. Marie Philip is a month short of 19.

The next day, the celebration, alcohol and tobacco were a bit of an international incident. The “New York Times” had an opinion piece on it. The piece did point out that it was not as bad as when the US men trashed their floor of their hotel when they were eliminated in Turin. Yeah, I’d say.

At first my ears turned red and blue flame shot from my eyes. Then the hilarity of it all cracked me up and left me falling on the floor laughing my ass off.

I am a light year away from being a qualified hockey analyst but even I know I saw a magnificent performance.

If I had been part of something like that, I would have been trying to figure out how to take that ice home with me. It seems to me the most natural thing is for them to NEED to celebrate with their sisters on the site of their figurative and literal Olympian triumph. I am surprised they did not all explode with the joy, excitement and release of having shouldered and delivered on the enormous burden of the passionate expectations of our entire nation.

That night and that ice will be a huge highlight in the entire lives of those women. No sane person would leave it without taking some time to burn it into their memory banks in the highest possible resolution. It is clearly visible in the pictures of the players spreadeagled on the ice. They are soaking the experience into their bones.

Hell, if they had decided to roast a pig at centre ice, I would have thought that quite appropriate and been honoured to tend to the coals, basting and carving.

For a victory to be truly Olympian, in the figurative sense, a giant opponent is an absolute necessity. The American women were all of that. It was a classic battle.

It was the essence of hockey on several levels. Canada’s Gillian Apps and American Angela Ruggiero banged away at each other like heavyweight contenders.

Shannon Szabados’s cat reflexes and steady calm, were the very picture of the qualities of a hockey goaltender. The team did everything we look for in, and love about, hockey.

I was pleased that the Canadian players and officials did not cover themselves in rue at the tsk, tsks of Olympic committee spokesfolk.

Our officials had, of course, to be polite and political. I don’t. Sometimes profanity is a precise and required element of communication.

Fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke.           DAC


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