Tokers over the line

My late father was, and is, my hero. One of the characteristics that endeared him to me was his marvellous grasp of the obvious. One example was his oft-repeated statement that “It is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick”. David Foot, is the author of “Boom, Bust And Echo,” a book […]

Three sources of fulfillment

One of the most together women I know, Diana McAskill, regularly posts ideas with a Buddhist theme on Facebook. A lifetime of observation from the vantage point of a community newspaper led me to conclude that the happiest people I met were the ones who were involved in doing something for others and who were […]

Release you into the wild?

Recently a killer whale with a Canadian passport killed a trainer at Sea World in Florida. It seems likely the whale mistook the trainer’s ponytail for a toy. There were also signs the whale was also in turmoil so who knows? In Florida, one sees signs near any pond, bayou or swamp that read, “Do […]

Why won’t Women learn?

Why do women miss so many easy opportunities to learn from male experience? Lori Gottlieb wrote an “Atlantic” magazine article a couple of years ago titled, “Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough”. According to an update she did last month, the gist of it was that women should look for the […]