Oysters Florentine

Posted on June 9, 2010
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serves four


1 lb. (454 gr.) fresh baby spinach

¼ lb. or 125 gr. cream cheese

24 to 32 (whatever is practical) Atlantic oysters

1 cup grated cheddar cheese

Liberal dose of chives or other herb garnish


Shuck the oysters, reserving oyster liquor

Reduce oyster liquor to one third

Cook the spinach – microwaving in 8” Pyrex-type baking dish is fine

Stir in cream cheese

Pepper to taste (salt not necessary if using Atlantic oysters and liquor)

Add oyster liquor

Spread oysters over spinach-cheese mixture

Cover with grated cheese

Sprinkle chives over cheese

Broil only until cheese melts and bubbles or browns

A more elegant approach is to divide the mixture, oysters and cheese into four oven-safe onion soup bowls or ramekins.


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