Hunting stories from the salon

I got an entirely different perspective on hunting season at the hair salon yesterday. What am I doing in a hair salon, you ask? If you had ever seen Niki, you would not ask. Actually, that is not the whole reason but it will do for now. For years I had enjoyed, talked about and […]

Playing us for fools

Recently, there were several news stories about Russian aircraft closely skirting Canadian air space. The stories coincided with the announcement by the Conservative federal government that Canada will buy 65 new F-35 all purpose interceptors. The Liberals cried foul that the contract was being awarded to Lockeed Martin without going to tender. It was a […]

Ideas from the bottom

Big ideas and grand projects are not the only ones that make significant improvements in people’s lives. I heard of three small ideas and projects in the past week that impressed me with their initiative and compassion. The grandson of Miramichi friends works in a homeless shelter in Vancouver. One of the things they do […]

Kinky judge sex. Imagine!

We have had a titillating judicial scandal here in Canada in Winnipeg. A lawyer and her husband, also a lawyer, seem to have had a proclivity for kinky sex. He sent some pictures of her inbondage and performing oral sex to a web site dedicated to inter racial sex. He wanted to watch her have […]