Posted on October 2, 2013
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Much of Tea Party Republican fury with government seems to centre around entitlements. It would appear their resentment is focussed on entitlements to the poor, working poor and middle classes. They seem fine with the entitlements to the rich and corporations, like subsidies on corn for ethanol, tax deductions for oil well depletion, stadiums for their professional sports teams, taxpayers paying for pollution cleanup and myriad taxpayer financed shelters, deductions and grants.

I wonder what is so wrong with the idea that every child and citizen in the world should be entitled to go, with a full belly, to a safe warm more info

bed every night and get up every day with the hope and expectation that the education and opportunities available will permit him or her to reach his or her potential.

Perhaps I’m missing something but it seems to me that the economic activity that would create ought to be more productive to make all of us safer and more prosperous than crammed prisons, wars and high level looting and fraud.
As it is, when so many workers serve society for less than a living wage, they are contributing a huge subsidy to the rest of us. How are we entitled to that?


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