It takes a generation

David Brooks is the type of conservative I could see liberals being able to work with to effect useful compromise and progress. In Canada’s Parliamentary system, the election of a conservative government led by a Prime Minister who thought like he does would not leave me in panic and despair as a leader like Paul […]

Prayer of thanks

In the past few days, I have seen horrifying reports of arrests in connection with child pornography rings, human sex trafficking and sexual predators on young women. One sting operation lured 200 men. The police said they could have caught many more if they had enough officers to keep up with the messages. I am […]

Grammar Nazis and Les Macramés

I am an aficionado of, not an expert in, English grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and good writing. As such, I cringe at so much of the writing in today’s print media. It irritates me when journalists and editors don’t know how to conjugate lie, lay and lie or know that they are three different verbs. I […]