Annie is four

April 10, 2014 She continues to amaze us all with her loving, cheerful, enthusiastic, eager, determined, musical, richly imaginative, intelligent charming personality. Her default mode is to get outside.When she enters a home, the energy level picks up like the sun rising. When she leaves, it feels quieter, darker and emptier. She has been the […]

Money’s freedom of speech

April 3, 2014 I am wrestling with the issue of unrestrained contributions to political campaigns and action committees in the U.S. On the one hand, I think freedom of speech should apply to people, not money. People with money should not have larger freedom of speech. On the other hand, I don’t have an easy […]

Apologizers and the proudly ignorant

There are two kinds of people who don’t use computers, the internet or social media. The first kind is, I think, wrong but doesn’t bother me. People in this group sound apologetic for not using computers or using email or social media. They are, for the most part, unfamiliar with the tools, search, email, photo […]

We could but we won’t

I watched a PBS NOVA program on the design and construction of the new World Trade Center One at Ground Zero in New York. It is hard to comprehend the brilliance of the design work, the scientific innovation and invention and the steely courage and competence of the trades people who made it stand. What […]