We could but we won’t

Posted on April 1, 2014
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I watched a PBS NOVA program on the design and construction of the new World Trade Center One at Ground Zero in New York. It is hard to comprehend the brilliance of the design work, the scientific innovation and invention and the steely courage and competence of the trades people who made it stand.

What punched me between the eyes was the contrast between the realization of this mind-bending mystical icon and the nightmarish ineffectiveness of government that has us thinking that nothing at all can be done.

Imagine if the genius, co-operation, dedication and energy that leaves me in awe of the people who built the tower was present and apparent in the design and building of our precious democracies.

I don’t know whether to be inspired by the obvious fact that humans can perform miracles or mentally and emotionally crushed by the abject impotence of governance.

Imagine if the type of thinking and problem solving and skills sharing that made that building was directed at health care, global warming, conservation, energy production and delivery, the design of an economic model that could produce prosperity without growth and the eradication of poverty and abuse.

Obviously we have the talent and the resources to do it. Why can’t we get out of our own way?

On we go. DAC



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