Miramichi’s choice October 19

Posted on October 18, 2015
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Generally speaking, unlike some folks, I tend to like politicians. As a lifelong newspaperman, I saw so many of them work their way up via community service and various kinds of activism. I believe most of them have what they believe to be the best interests of Canada at heart. I also understand that they are elected to be members of a team. They can work hard to promote their ideas and what they see as the interests of their constituents in caucus but, once the caucus, team, leadership, has decided the party policy, they have to support it.
Although I am a social liberal and almost always a party Liberal, I have liked and admired Tilly Gordon, our current Conservative Member of Parliament for some 30 years or so. She truly paid her dues from the time she used to write letters to the Miramichi Leader informing readers about the local paving schedules for the construction season. They were signed by her then husband and Miramichi Bay constituency president, Jim Gordon, but were written in Tilly’s unmistakable teacher language. We knew all Leader readers, including me, were eager to know what roads would be paved. The impact they had is obvious in the fact I still remember that one of them included the surprise news that Beverly Court, my street, would be paved.
She is the first woman Member of Parliament for Miramichi and the first Conservative to win more than one term. As a member, and because of the value of her rare wins, she and we were rewarded with such great federal enterprises as the payroll centre for the entire Canadian government.
Pat (Patrice) Finnigan has also been an excellent citizen with a successful business and serious service as chairman of the Miramichi Regional Hospital board and many other local and regional boards.
I don’t know Mr. Colford of the NDP as well but he came second to Tilly in the last election so obviously many Miramichiers do.
However, I have to put Canada and, more specifically Canadians, first. Conservative party leader and incumbent Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has done terrible damage to the Canadian fabric. He has been terrible for the environment, for science, for public information as conveyed by the CBC, for evidence-based policy, as in the cancellation of the long form census, for international affairs as in his one-sided support for Israel’s dangerously expansionist government and Canada’s peace keeping reputation. Canada’s Lester B. Pearson INVENTED UN peace keeping and got the Nobel Peace Prize for it.
Harper damned the Chretien government for not joining the US in the invasion of Iraq.
Economically, Harper brags about his management of the economy, especially Canada’s recovery from the 2008 financial collapse. In fact, in opposition, he damned Paul Marttin for refusing to allow Canadian banks to join the US banks in the investment shenanigans that led to the crash of the world economy.
Currently his economic policies have favoured the super rich and even the reasonably well off middle class. His doubling of the TFSA allowances have been great for me, for example, but not for working or most middle class Canadians. Government should not be helping me, it should be helping young people who aren’t getting jobs with benefits and pension plans until they are in their early to mid 30s while trying to cope with education debt. He should be helping middle class workers who have not seen any real wage gains during his regime.
In the most practical local terms, as good as Tilly O’Neill Gordon has been for the Miramichi, it seems fairly obvious she would not be able to do more for us. It appears very unlikely she would be on the government side in the next Parliament.
For Canada, Canadians and Miramichiers, therefore, I think it is obvious that our best choice tomorrow is to vote for Liberal Pat Finnigan.


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