Chinese Canadian discrimination?

Posted on March 24, 2023
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During WW II, Canada confiscated homes and businesses and put Japanese Canadians into internment camps lest they be more loyal to the country they or their ancestors came from than to Canada.
We did nothing remotely similar to German or Italian new Canadians.
In recent decades, we remember French President Chares de Gaulle saying, Vive Québec Libre!” during a visit to Canada. France provided equipment and staff to L’Evangeline newspaper in New Brunswick for decades.
Americans were among the most enthusiastic supporters and sponsors of the Canadian truck convoy attempted overthrow of Canada’s government in 2022. Canadian Members of Parliament, including mine, visited with and endorsed the occupation of our National Capitol!
Many Canadians, including me, enthusiastically criticize US and UK politics to anyone who will listen.
And yet, two Chinese Canadian elected representatives have been hounded into resigning from the federal Liberal and provincial Conservative Party caucuses by suggestions the Chinese government may have tried to influence their performance in Canada.
I wouldn’t be at all surprised if China does try to gain support from Chinese and other Canadians in its global intelligence and propaganda programs.
Do you suppose England, France, the U.S. Russia and Israel don’t have moles in Canada gathering every kind of useful intel and support they can? Do we have Canadians from Iran, Syria, the Ukraine and African and South American countries lobbying and demonstrating for Canadian government action supporting their causes?
I never believed a majority of Chinese in China are either communist or supporters of the Chinese government. The Chinese religious and cultural respect for elders and family clash diametrically with communism’s directive to put the state first and the agony and damage done by communist population control and cultural misogyny.
The Chinese in Canada have been primary builders of our happy nation. We’ve all seen first generation Chinese Canadians live and work every day of the year running restaurants at all hours. We’ve also seen the second generation earning high scholastic marks and moving on to power careers.
They escaped communism. They are helping keep our country moving ahead. There is an undoubtedly racist tinged joke that none of us has ever known a Chinese Canadian on welfare.
And yet, here we are, screaming for a public inquiry into possible Chinese diplomatic staff attempting to influence the electorate in favour of Liberal candidates!
Going by our history, Canada judges Asians by different standards. Unless we’re going to hold public inquiries into all of our allies and rivals on the world stage, I have to believe the current attacks and smears on elected Chinese Canadians demonstrate a different standard for Asians.                                                                     DAC


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