Start old age security at birth

For years we have been hearing that the industrial age was near its end. The information age was on the horizon. Transition times are painful but, once the page has been turned, no one really wants to turn it back. When I first came to the Miramichi, the woods were full of leather-skinned, steel-boned, cable-muscled […]

Help First Nations grow up

More and more information about the attempted genocide of First Nations by the residential school system is coming to light even if most people aren’t paying attention. In retrospect, it seems insane that society believed it had a right to and could do good by ripping children from their families and punishing the Indian out […]

Bilingualism, biculturalism bottom line

I dream of a New Brunswick which is, truly bilingual and multicultural. In my fantasy, every child in the province would learn in English and French from day one of school, including kindergarten. Books, magazines, cartoons, movies, and music in both languages would be part of the daily routine. Every student graduate of a New […]

Peace, good will, best investment

I have been engaged in a vigorous exchange of views with an American, Walker Chandler, of Georgia, who calls himself a Libertarian. He says that Libertarianism is, essentially, the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. He believes mankind, left to its own choices, will engage in a type […]

Decency pays huge dividends

Someone once wrote that a person who is honest because he believes honesty is the best policy is no more pious than is a thief. If so, I sit on the same bench as the thief. I believe that honesty and facing up to the music when you screw up is, in the long run, […]

A simple stimulus plan

The Canadian government operates an income program that is so simple and efficient I think even I can explain it. It is the Old Age Security plan. Also known as the old age pension, OAS is paid to every Canadian citizen who has spent his or her adult life here. We do not make direct […]

Surprise infection in capitalism

A couple of odd worms have infected capitalism as it is today. These worms are responsible for the explosive growth of huge industries and congomerates. They are also the drug that drives these firms to desperate, sometimes fatal, decisions. You may be surprised to learn that the parent worm is quite possibly you. If you […]

Money flows uphill

There is a school of political and economic thought called the “trickle down theory”. The idea is that it is good to have many rich people getting richer. When they invest and spend their wealth, the money trickles down to the people at the bottom of the economic scale. In fact, I agree with that […]

Unless we are all safe . . .

Unless we are all safe, none of us is safe. Many situations demonstrate the truth of this idea. In societies where 90% of the wealth is held by 10% of the people, the 10% dare not leave their barricaded homes without bodyguards. The poor and desperate will kidnap and, or, kill them for ransom or […]

Power corrupts

John Emerich Edward Acton, Lord Acton, 1834 – 1902, was a writer, publisher, and political philosopher. He is mostly known for his statement that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Many other things he originally said ring just as true and eternal. Quotes Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men […]

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