Dystopian human future

Aug. 20,2022 Worker Productivity Score is the latest sinister technological term I find horrifying and outrageous. Companies like Amazon can and do monitor and control every aspect of their employees’ behaviour and performance every minute. Employees are as tightly managed as caged chickens in an agribusiness egg factory. It is part of the economic model […]

Teaching financial dependence

Teaching financial dependence I have a quandary about social assistance. On the one hand, I believe we have to provide decent shelter and care for everyone. On the other, I worry we risk teaching people they are suckers to manage their incomes and savings responsibly and prepare for their retirement. When people need assisted living […]

Hostages to fortune

There is a thing people find misleading and hurtful about Face Book. Most of us post items of happy, funny and positive family things. That can make people who are in hard financial, emotional or physical circumstances feel worse. I’m one of the ones with much to celebrate and I do. It would be less […]

Trudeau achieves greatness

February 23, 2022 I’ve been with Trudeau from the beginning on the pandemic and the convoy insurrection. I think it will become a proud part of Canadian history. At first many Canadians were angry he was standing back. What reason would a Prime Minister have to meet with a group holding Canada’s national Capitol hostage, […]

Newspaper death throes

Together we are killing the golden goose that brings us information we need to protect and monitor our lives, families, incomes, laws and freedoms.

Legs, thighs, owner benefits

A friend sent me a collection of old newspaper and magazine ads from the past century. Some things change. One doesn’t. Modern day ads don’t promote the health benefits of cigarettes, cocaine or alcohol and opium tonics. Women’s legs and thighs, however, are still a prominent feature of many ads and commercials. Even ads for […]

Immigration essential to progress

As a kid, just after WW II and the Korean Conflict, as it was called, I saw Toronto dragged kicking and screaming into being one of the greatest cities of the world. Wave after wave of immigrants shocked and angered the waspish southwestern Ontario populace. First came people from countries occupied by the Axis during […]

Marijuana regulation lunacy

Accusation. Do politicians all go nuts once they win government and influence over large bureaucracies? It seems so. Recreational cannabis use becomes legal in Canada July 1. Governments have gone into a feeding frenzy launching claims for shares of the tax revenues that will result. Bureaucracies are setting up retailing operations and crying the blues […]

A day of passion and torture

A_R_G_H ! ! ! ”Tis a day of passion and torture for Poor Dave! Michelle has gone into one of her purge and renew fits. She set out to repaint the master bedroom. That involves emptying out two of my book cases which, in her delusional state seems to her like a good excuse to […]

Free speech again in peril

Friday, August 18, 2017 There is a graphic going around Facebook that illustrates the thinking of Karl Popper. The core of the graphic is Popper’s idea that unlimited tolerance leads to the victory of the intolerant and, therefore, intolerance. https://i.redd.it/tlyoidfqe3gz.png https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Popper That idea is being promoted this week in light of the events in Charlottesville […]

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