Robbie Robertson – cool Canadian

Teens in South West Ontario, in the 1950s thought Rompin’ Ronnie Hawkins was the coolest rocker in Canada. His backup band, the Hawks, once included the members who would go on to back up Bob Dylan, who was as cool globally as Ronnie was in Canada. Made Canadian kids proud. Going on their own as […]

Trudeau achieves greatness

February 23, 2022 I’ve been with Trudeau from the beginning on the pandemic and the convoy insurrection. I think it will become a proud part of Canadian history. At first many Canadians were angry he was standing back. What reason would a Prime Minister have to meet with a group holding Canada’s national Capitol hostage, […]

Ray Fraser ONB nomination

March 29, 2012 The Order of New Brunswick Advisory Council Intergovernmental Affairs Office of Protocol 670 King Street, Room 174 P.O. Box 6000 Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1 Re. Raymond Fraser nomination for the Order of New Brunswick Dear Advisory Council members: It has been my pleasure to know Ray Fraser since 1976. I think his […]

The gentleman Jean Lemieux

Many of my friends and people I admire have earned and received honours and recognition in their fields, regions and communities. One of the finest I know is not much publicly known and to only a few of my friends in the newspaper industry. His name is Jean Lemieux . He lives in Montreal. He […]

Annie is four

April 10, 2014 She continues to amaze us all with her loving, cheerful, enthusiastic, eager, determined, musical, richly imaginative, intelligent charming personality. Her default mode is to get outside.When she enters a home, the energy level picks up like the sun rising. When she leaves, it feels quieter, darker and emptier. She has been the […]

Jim McNeill – Eulogy

May 21, 1998, David Cadogan How does one do justice to the memory of Jim McNeill? For every tribute and story I know, you each know two of your own. The facts of his achievements have been noted in reports in papers and on radio and television across the country. He came to Canada from […]