End of life stage observations

I’m not planning on dying anytime soon. I’m 81, past the longevity norms for my generation of Canadians. I’m on bonus time already. I know it’s boring hearing others talk about health. I can’t help myself. I’ve been working on my story telling all my life. The oldest news story in the world, lead (lede […]

Precious but obsolete?

100 years ago, young men did not usually rise to positions of power and authority until what are now considered retirement ages for many. Women didn’t get there at any age. Young men started a Junior Chamber of Commerce to help young men between 18 and 40 develop leadership skills. The organization eventually grew into […]

Christmas memories

Michelle suggested I should write about my Christmas memories so younger members of the family could know a bit about where I came from. When I was eight, Dad bought the Durham Chronicle and we moved to the small town of Durham about 30 miles south of Owen Sound on Highway 6. Two years later, […]