Legs, thighs, owner benefits

A friend sent me a collection of old newspaper and magazine ads from the past century. Some things change. One doesn’t. Modern day ads don’t promote the health benefits of cigarettes, cocaine or alcohol and opium tonics. Women’s legs and thighs, however, are still a prominent feature of many ads and commercials. Even ads for […]

No sex in the war zone – Good luck with that!

Canadian Brigadier-General Daniel Ménard, commander of Joint Task Force Afghanistan has been relieved of his command and faces possible court martial. He is alleged to have had a sexual relationship with a female member of military personnel. The situation evokes a discussion of a Cadogan’s Law: There are only two things going on in the […]

Cadogan’s Laws

A compendium of observations from a lifetime in the community newspaper business. 1) Some people would rather fight than win. 2) Just about everything mankind does to cure a problem makes it worse. Corollary: The experts are usually wrong. Examples: Smaller families and better insulation led to bigger, not smaller houses. Corn for biofuel is […]