Chicken dance with Sandy

Michelle and I, heading for Florida, wound up on the edge of, and then touring, some of the area hit by the confluence of Hurricane Sandy and another storm moving in from the west. We got to Windsor Locks, near Hartford, on Sunday, October 28, before we learned that the storm was building and turning […]

Why Florida?

Michelle and I are in Gulfport, Florida, on the southern tip of St. Petersburg, this winter. Several of my friends and acquaintances have expressed surprise. “Never figured you for a Florida guy, Dave,” seems to be the common theme of the comments. I think that is understandable. In a list of places to go that […]

Skinless bodies roam the world

Gunther von Hagens is responsible for one of the most on the edge, if not over the top, art exhibitions ever. He is a doctor from East Germany, trained in West Germany. He discovered a way to preserve human body parts by replacing the liquid in them with clear plastic. He convinced hundreds of people […]

NB February beach picnic

Over 800 New Brunswickers, including more than a dozen Miramichiers had a nice picnic at the beach on Monday, February 16. There were fiddlers and dancers and Acadian Goofers and dozens of prizes. There was even a New Brunswick MLA on hand and a letter from the Premier. The main entertainment seemed to be wandering […]

Playful dolphins visit daily

Every morning and afternoon, dolphins patrol by.

Rookie snowbird observations

            Here are some observations of a first time snowbird from Miramichi in Gulfport, Florida.             For one thing, taking a scenic route that included coastal highways from Maryland south, it is 2,100 miles, 3,400 kilometres from Miramichi to Gulfport. Gulport is a town attached to the southern edge of Tampa.             For the first […]

Turtles and Tozer beneficiaries?

            The last time I was in Gulfport, Florida, there were turtles in the little pond I walked by every morning. I haven’t seen any this year. There is a sign on the pond warning me not to molest or feed the alligator. I thought alligators perhaps ate the turtles.             It turns out Floridians […]

Sexy, sultry, Savannah

            Savannah, Georgia, strikes me as the epitome of the image of the South as a steaming cauldron of romantic, sexy, intrigue. New Orleans is the city of uninhibited, in-your-face raunch where midwestern college girls expose their breasts for beads. Savannah is the city of the veiled invitation, lazy ceiling fans and genteel discretion.             It […]

US election night in the deep south

            On our drive to Florida, we spent the night of November 4 in Charleston, South Carolina. Again, dark rainy weather spoiled the bridge view of the significant harbour and discouraged a proper visit.             On the other hand, we were eager to get to a TV and watch the results of the US presidential election. […]

Dark Drive to Florida

             Michelle and I set out very early Saturday morning, November 1, with plans to stop in Woodstock for brunch at Bragdon’s with son Colin and the Wilsons. A party broke out at brunch and we did not leave Woodstock until after breakfast at Wilson’s Sunday.             We made the obligatory liquor stop in New […]

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