A modest Toronto proposal

May 14, 2017 A modest Toronto proposal I am in Toronto at present on a very sad family matter. I picked my hotel because there is a distinct possibility the direction I have to go each day may change from the south west of the city to the north east. I’m near Yonge and Dundas. […]

Miramichi’s choice October 19

Generally speaking, unlike some folks, I tend to like politicians. As a lifelong newspaperman, I saw so many of them work their way up via community service and various kinds of activism. I believe most of them have what they believe to be the best interests of Canada at heart. I also understand that they […]

Respect for dead protectors

When the three Mounties, Constables Fabrice Georges Gévaudan, Douglas James Larche and Dave Joseph Ross were assassinated in Moncton, I was already immersed in strong feelings about how precious life is and how many lives it cost for us to have the society we do. The 70th anniversary of D-Day was a horrifying reminder of […]

Grammar Nazis and Les Macramés

I am an aficionado of, not an expert in, English grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and good writing. As such, I cringe at so much of the writing in today’s print media. It irritates me when journalists and editors don’t know how to conjugate lie, lay and lie or know that they are three different verbs. I […]

Start old age security at birth

For years we have been hearing that the industrial age was near its end. The information age was on the horizon. Transition times are painful but, once the page has been turned, no one really wants to turn it back. When I first came to the Miramichi, the woods were full of leather-skinned, steel-boned, cable-muscled […]

Peddlers and premiers

Lebanese Canadians in Atlantic Canada (This is the original version of an article written for “Saltscapes” magazine and published in the January-February 2012 issue. The editors edited and amended it to meet their space and content requirements. Even this draft is less than half of the material volunteered by generous sources. I’m having trouble with […]

What is Smart showcase Miramichi?

For perhaps the first time ever, local teachers and students are taking the lead in the development of a powerful new tool for Miramichi tourism and business generally. Miramichi celebrated being named the world’s first Smart Showcase Community on June 1. District 16 teachers and students led the way. Just what does that mean and […]

Shame on “Sun” and “Herald”

“Freedom of the press belongs to the man who owns one.” AJ Liebling Newspapering has been my life. I grew up in a newspapering family. Newspapering has been my vocation, my hobby and my religion. It saddens, sickens and offends me when newspapers violate the magnificent privilege we have in a democracy. Newspapers all vigourously […]

Polite,heavily armed society

When I mentioned to a Woodstock friend, Bob Wilson, that I found Floridians very friendly and polite people, he smiled and replied, “Yes, well a heavily armed society is generally a polite society.” Florida is certainly a heavily armed society. I read late last year that legislation prevents employers from forbidding employees to bring guns […]

Scallops, Pan Seared, with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce (serves four)

Ingredients: 4 Tbspns butter or a butter-olive oil 50-50 mixture 2 lbs. sea scallops (or at least a half pound per person) In a large skillet, melt butter over low heat. Add scallops until they shed their liquid into the pan. Remove scallops and reduce scallop liquid and butter to a rich, nutty brown. Turn […]

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