US health care best for kings

Posted on April 5, 2010
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Some of the things I see or hear in the news make me wonder about some people’s thought processes.

For example, recently a Florida newscaster breathlessly announced that Florida had 28% of the national bicycle fatalities last year although it has only 6% of the national population.

Well, duh!

Florida does not have snow, is almost all flat, and most goods and services are available within a mile or two. It is common to see people in their eighties riding bicycles. It is natural that there are many more riders, riding all year long, and able to do most of their errands by bike.

There are political factors too. There are no helmet laws even for motorcyclists in Florida.

US health care

I also saw past Republican governor of Massachusetts and candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, Mitt Romney, on the David Letterman show.

He claimed that US health care is the best in the world. Letterman asked why it is that international bodies, including the United Nations, rate US health care down around 30th in the world.

Romney dismissed that as baloney and asked, “Where do all the kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers of the world go when they need the best medical attention? The U.S. of course!”

Well, duh!

So U.S. health care is the best for kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers? That may be true but most kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers are not US citizens.

Would it not be more to the point to rate national health care on how it works for US citizens? Fifty million or so Americans have no health care insurance and, therefore, very limited access to health care. Millions more are not insured for pre-existing conditions or their insurance does not provide for certain procedures.

Apparently Romney does not notice that those facts might be factors in rating national health care compared to other nations.                                                   DAC


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