Be careful what we wish for

Posted on August 30, 2010
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The Miramichi Airport Commission has received federal and provincial government money (actually taxpayers’ money, our own money) to pursue economic development. Some of that money will be used to hire a development officer. At, or near, the top of the commission’s wish list is a flying school.

Perhaps we should be careful what we wish for lest we get it.

Citizens in St. Hubert, Quebec, are being driven to distraction by the constant take offs and landings at the airport there.

With an airplane flying over local houses at the rate of one every minute, one citizen said it is impossible to have a social event outside and be able to speak to guests.

As Miramichi continues to promote itself as a great place to retire, I very much doubt we want the constant roar of flight trainers practising take offs and landings, one after the other, from the crack of dawn well into the night.

A few water bombers, courier planes and private passenger flights are one thing and easily tolerable. An unending sequence of short local flights is quite another.

It would be a bit different if the airport was not right in the city. It is and very close to many residences.

If a flight school wanted to come here, we would have to try to accommodate their right to do business as well as our right to peaceful enjoyment of our community. If we would have to grease the arrival of the enterprise with copious amounts of taxpayer money, I think we would be well advised to find a better use for our resources.

Sometimes we forget to ensure that we protect what makes our community and locale so wonderful.

Yes, we need investment and employment. Let’s just be careful not to destroy what it is we are trying to save.



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