Thankful 2020

Posted on October 10, 2020
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I’m feeling a bit guilty for having so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving week-end.
Being retired, I can engage with the outside world at my own convenience and at the quiet times of the day and week.
I live in New Brunswick where the Premier is decisive and aggressive in taking action to protect us all.
I live in Canada where the governments respect and follow scientific guidance.
The businesses I depend on, especially Sobeys, have been especially protective, although I did catch manager, Joey MacDonald, laughing as he watched me try to open a flimsy vegetable bag without licking a finger.
I don’t personally know anyone who has been hit by the pandemic.
My family are well so far although I am scared for our daughter, son in law and their son and daughter in a suburb of Lévis, in the Quebec City hot zone.
Last weekend we picked up some pumpkins from Ralph Lockerbie’s vegetable stand. Each year he gives a dollar to the hospital foundation for each pumpkin sold on that Saturday. My community is renowned for such generosity.
We know a woman who has had a serious illness that will be a threat for the rest of her life. She and her husband are childless which stings all who know them because they would have been wonderful parents.
Last week, she was invited to a staff member birthday party. When she got there, it was not a birthday party at all. She and her husband had chosen two Miramichi pups to adopt when they are old enough.
The staff party was actually a puppy shower for her. They gave her beds, vet certificates for puppy shots, food, toys, everything they’ll need.
I am so thankful those are the kinds of people around us in this corner of the world. That puppy shower is interesting for being kind and imaginative. The best thing about it is, it is not the least surprising here.
I have so much to be thankful for and wish all the good people out there were as fortunate. I can’t imagine how single parents with no extended family support or support too far away to help manage to keep physically and mentally okay.
I have friends and family far and wide. I am especially fearful for friends in Florida with both President Trump and Governor DeSantis are both leaving them totally unprotected.
Like our Canadian federal and provincial leaders or not, most of us don’t think they are the biggest part of the problem. We don’t expect violent disruption of our elections or governments trying to block our access to voting.
My Thanksgiving wish for you is that, stressed as you may be, you can find some sanctuary, peace and comfort Thanksgiving day and always.


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